All houses of the Toidupada can accommodate a maximum of 19 people, for a total of 380 € per day.

Sauna house (Saunamaja)

Toidupaja Saunamaja The comfortable Sauna house has three rooms.
On the ground floor there is a living room where you can sleep on a fold-out sofa.
On the second floor there are two bedrooms that can accommodate seven people. Thus, the sauna house has a total of nine beds (1 additional seat)
In addition, there is a TV, a mini-kitchen, an electric sauna, a laundry room and a toilet. You can prepare your own food, but you can also pre-order breakfast, lunch or dinner from the hostess.

Sauna house price up to 8 people 160 €/day

NB! VAT will be added to the prices


Granary house (Aidamaja)


Uus aidamaja

The Granary house, originally located in Haanja, was built in 1920. In 2000, the house was dismantled log by log and reassembled here in the village of Kaurutootsi.

The Granary house, which was rebuilt as a result of the handiwork of local masters and the family, is very close to the heart of the hostess Krista.

The Granary house is now newer and larger. In December 2022, a 50 m2 party room was completed from a handmade log, which can accommodate 40 people at the dining tables, with a dance floor for 30 people. In summer, you can accommodate more people, as you can open large doors and also be on a large terrace.

Party room rent 200 €

On the second floor of the Granary house are two bedrooms.
Jüri’s room has two beds and, if necessary, it is possible to add 1 more place.
Mari’s room has one double bed and a fold-out sofa.
Between the two rooms there is an interior balcony with a fold-out sofa.
The house has 2 toilets, a shower room with a toilet, a kitchenette.
The house has: sheets, towels, air conditioning, hairdryer, ice maker (usage rent 10 €)
You can prepare your own food, but you can also pre-order breakfast, lunch or dinner from the hostess.

Accommodation in Granary house up to 6 persons 160 € / day (3 extra seats)

Toidupada’s’ courtyard

Toidupaja hoov

The cosy Toidupada’s’ courtyard is suitable for all the events that you want to celebrate with your loved ones or friends. On a beautiful summer day, the outdoor kitchen can accommodate 100 guests. In case of a rainy day, if necessary, outdoor tents can be installed in the yard. In the courtyard there is an outdoor kitchen with a barn, sauna house and a rooftop with a bread and smokehouse, as well as a wood stove, a wood grill and a fireplace.
A delicious soup boils on the wood stove, and campfire pancakes are made on a wood grill. It is pleasant to enjoy all this together in the glow of a fireplace or listen to birdsong in the morning. Camping option.