Catering and food

Time and living conditions have shaped the eating habits and trends of Estonians.
However, eleven have also remained unchanged. Good food is always an experience – a feast for the taste buds and the joy of enjoying food in good company.

We offer catering service at the place of your choice all year round, both indoors and outdoors.

During catering, meals can be combined from all menus.

Food can be ordered for takeout from all menus.

Coffee break menu

Coffee breaks are an indispensable opportunity for seminars and trainings, as well as for other events, to fix the body a little, but above all to gather thoughts.
In most cases, a coffee break refers to a 10-20 minute gathering in the coffee corner, where time is taken off and news is exchanged.

Choose oven warmth:

a shot of three-cheese and pear plate pie

a shot of a plate pie of chanterelle cheese

chicken pepper plate pie shot

carrot cream cheese plate pie shot

a shot of fresh cabbage and cheese plate pie

small pies: ham and cheese, ham-mushroom-cheese, carrots and cheese, ground elder and cheese

Choose snacks:

homemade seed bread with herring / sprat with egg and dill

homemade bread pâté and onion jam

Gravy trout on patchwork bread

crust bread ( cheese, forest mushroom salad, hummus, beetroot spread)

wrap (chicken, trout)

vegetable platter with tip sauce

cheese platter

fruit platter

Choose the most tempting:

rhubarb, blueberry, raspberry, apple pie

sweet muffin from the berries of the season

cream cheesecake

curd pie

honey cake

napoleon cake

kirju koer [variegated dog] Estonian non bake cake/dessert

cinnamon biscuit

grandma’s oat biscuit

Cantuccini (sweet rusks with almonds, orange and cardamom)

Choose from drinks:

coffee, tea, flavoured water, mulled wine, bole, sparkling wine, wine, cognac

Festive menu

Every party deserves to be held and the event celebrated.

A feast is not just eating and drinking together, it is a social endeavor that includes great company, enjoyable
and a cozy atmosphere, good service and luxurious food and drink.


potato salad with oven meat

silver hake raw buckwheat salad

waldorf salad

rosolje (estonian beet-potato salad)


pasta salad with chicken, fresh cucumber, peppers and peach

Beetroot doughnut salad with rukkola and roasted seeds

forest mushroom salad

tomato onion salad

fresh cucumber cottage cheese salad

fresh cucumber leaf lettuce

To the cold table:

brawn (headcheese)

beef tongue with horseradish sauce

silver hake in red marinade

herring with egg, onion and sour cream

pickled herring with plenty of onions

Granular trout

ham rolls

small cutlets

beef pâté

pickled cucumber

pickled mushrooms


homemade seed bread and spread

Feta spread basil pesto on buckwheat bread

three-cheese and pear plate pie shot

a shot of bolete and cheese plate pie

chicken pepper plate pie shot

carrot andcream cheese plate pie shot

a shot of fresh cabbage cheese plate pie

crust bread (cheese and forest mushroom salad, hummus, beetroot spread)

Gravy trout on patchwork bread

on homemade bread sprat egg and dill

wrap shot (chicken, trout)

meat platter

cheese platter

vegetable platter

fruit platter

Warm dishes:

pork neck chops

blood sausage

beef patty in red wine sauce

lamb cutlets


hare in cream sauce

salmon or trout

cold sauce

forest mushroom sauce

oven potatoes or fresh boiled potatoes

oven vegetables (carrots, beets, peppers)



pumpkin puree soup with roasted seeds and greens to taste

Pea puree soup with bacon and roasted seeds

ground elder soup with egg, sour cream and greens


Iris-ricotta cream cheese cake with roasted nuts and berries

chocolate-cream cheese cake with cherries (without flour)

chocolate roll biscuit with cream cheese cream and raspberries (without cool)

Curd cake with chocolate biscuit (without flour)

carrot biscuit-cream cheese cake

summer cake(biscuit, cream cheese, whipped cream and berries of the season)

biscuit cake with strawberries

Raffaello torte

honey torte

napoleon cake


poppy feast bread


coffee, tea, flavoured water, morsel, mulled wine, sparkling wine, wine, vodka, cognac

Picnic menu

Whether you want to have a picnic in connection with an event or
just to enjoy with your dear people, there are many
different ways to make every picnic special and memorable,
combining good food, pleasant company, fresh air and
attractive surroundings. They all contribute to the creation of a pleasant atmosphere.


Ground elder soup with egg, sour cream and greens


chicken soup

fish soup

peasant soup

spicy lentil soup

bean soup

pea soup

broth / “komm morgen wieder” (campfire pancake with meat filling)

To the soup:

Breads, spreades

homemade seed bread

buckwheat bread

self-baked bread

A selection of spreades: chives, feta, bean-sun-dried tomato


Chicken pepper plate pie

Fresh cabbage-cheese plate pie

Carrot-cream cheese plate pie

Chanterelle-cheese plate pie

three-cheese-pear plate pie

small pies: ham-cheese, ham-mushroom-cheese, carrot-cheese,

Decent bellyful:

buckwheat-potato porridge with ham pieces and fresh cucumber-sour cream sauce

Campfire pancake with ham-mushroom-cheese filling and herb sauce (d=35cm)

pork neck chops baked on a campfire with campfire potatoes, forest mushroom sauce and
with salt cucumber

grilled sausage baked on a campfire with campfire potatoes, forest mushroom sauce and salad

trout butterfly cooked on a campfire on a salad pad

homemade cutlets with campfire potatoes, forest mushroom sauce and salt cucumber

cabbage rolls, with campfire potatoes and warm vegetables

herring hidden in cottage cheese sauce and campfire potatoes


Campfire pancake with raw jam (d=35cm)

rhubarb, blueberry, raspberry, etc. coated cake

sweet muffin from the berries of the season

curd pie

honey cake

napoleon cake

kirju koer [variegated dog] Estonian non bake cake/dessert

kama and curd mousse with berries (kama is a finely milled flour mixture)


flavored water, morsel, coffee, tea, mulled wine, kama drink with berries

We deliver without electricity. Porridge and soup are simmering in a casserole. Meat, sausages and
Potatoes ripen on a campfire. Cutlets and pancakes are made in a campfire pan.

Most of the dishes are prepared on site, which offers an experience in itself.

We always try to find the best solution.

Send your request to: +372 56230922 or or write to Toidupada FB messenger
hostess, Krista

Pastries and other delicious things that can be bought with you can now be found on a separate page