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Nele and friends on an active and exciting night on 13.09.21

The weekend at the Toidupada and everything was perfect, a wonderful meal! The morning mincemeat and cheese pancakes were on top of everything. And we won’t forget the taste of the mushroom sauce! Sociable family, withstood our crazy company and still managed to stay happy😀 In addition, the hostess was so caring and every little thing was taken care of! We couldn’t imagine our company anywhere else than in Toudipaja. We are already waiting for another visit.


There are amazing places in Estonia! I experienced it on a wonderful, autumnal, colorful and sporty weekend organized by Toidupaja, at an active gathering full of experiences. It was a good idea to come to “ventilate” from Tallinn.
Upon arrival, a wonderfully tasty energy soup prepared by the hostess Krista was waiting for us – it was like “doping”, hiking on skis and bikes on the ups and downs of Otepää.
The Murimäe Wine Cellar deserves special mention, it must be seen and experienced – it seemed as if we were not in Estonia, but by the Mediterranean Sea… the grapes grow on the mountain ridge.
After the invigorating hike, we enjoyed a smoke sauna and pampered our taste buds with wonderful homemade gourmet dishes.
Back in the hustle and bustle of the city, I remembered what I had experienced for several days!
I will definitely make plans to come to “ventilate” again and I am grateful that there is a place and Krista who offers it!
Good luck!

Family Kanter

We had a wonderful time there at your place! Sauna, accommodation, nature! My mouth dropped open at all this beauty.. All interior design was tasteful and nice, everything was comfortable and good! It’s a shame to get back to everyday life now, we were completely out of touch with reality. Full rest mode.
Everyone who was there with you still praises this weekend to the heavens… It was a wonderful place, a good sleep, the skin is still so smooth and soft from the sauna… Everyone was so happy and satisfied! Thanks to the hostess!!!

Sports event organizer Priit Jaagant

I have organized many different events and therefore I dare say that everything was excellent from agreeing the menu to cleaning up after the party. I really liked that after introducing the concept of the event, you suggested different and suitable menus, and it was easy to make a choice based on this. As a host, it was most pleasant for me to hear praise from guests about the delicious food. Of course, I agree with the guests and thank Krista for the delicious food and professional service.

Otepää Municipal Government

The restaurant’s steaks, soups, flat pies and cakes always offer taste experiences, where the spice is given by mixing different home herbs. Hostess Kristal has a nice handwriting for table decoration. You have to see it! We are waiting for new taste experiences!

Ülenurme Kindergarten staff

Simply wonderful! What food and way of cooking! Wonderful interior! The strength and endurance of a native Estonian woman, as well as a wonderful sense of beauty, manifested in the hostess’s entrepreneurial spirit! The greatest experience was the smoke sauna! Afterwards I went home and washed myself… It was nice to see that recycling is honored! A place with a wonderful aura, we will definitely visit again!