Mild taste in the ancient way!

Toidupaja perenaine Krista ootab Teid!Toidupada [Food cauldron] has been operating between the picturesque domes of Otepää since 2010. The rustically romantic yard of Toidupada, located in a beautiful natural location, is suitable for all events that you want to celebrate with your loved ones or friends and remember later. Krista, the owner of Toidupada, welcomes nice people who like the country environment, natural privacy and good, but at the same time simple and genuine Estonian food from local fresh ingredients.

The dishes prepared over the years have developed from the tried-and-tested recipes of the hostess’s grandmother. They have found the taste of the usual and added something modern. Food is mostly cooked over live fire – in a cauldron, pan or coals. As a result, the flavor and aroma characteristic of living fire can be felt in the food. Products from own forests, gardens and fields are used as raw materials.

However, cooking a meal over a live fire is a sight in itself – a memorable waiting time for the customer and a pleasure for the soul, body and senses.

Toidupada offers experience catering in the middle of nature in a cozy log house or yard. It is also possible to rent the entire complex with overnight stay and use of the smoke sauna. We also offer the option of ordering a catering service at a place of your choice all year round, both indoors and outdoors. Food can be ordered to take away from all menus.

We are very happy if you have decided to get to know us better. You can always inquire about everything we promise to offer above or make your wishes known by clicking the contact link.

See you soon,
hostess Krista!