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Photo hunt


Photo hunting is one of the ways to spend time actively. It is a fun and active game in beautiful nature.
In the game, which is primarily intended for entertainment, each team starts with a legend and 10 pages of tasks. Each task is related to one nearby location, with a hint for directing the shot and a guide. The goal is to find the object(s) according to the picture and take a photo against their background according to the instructions. The tasks are humorous and you need creativity to stage a good picture! The objects you are looking for are in the immediate vicinity of Toidupaja Aidamaja and between the village.

After the hunt or at an evening gathering, we will watch the “catch” on the screen, which will be super funny! Together we remember great situations, talk about how the picture turned out just like that and compare our own shots with others’! In a free, fun atmosphere, the participants can relive the adventures during the slide show and make an impression. We will find out the author or participant of the best picture.



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